It is well worth traveling an hour to get to the beautiful wellness center. I am excited for every appointment and look forward to enjoying the peaceful, relaxing feeling I get as soon as I arrive.
— Karen, West Chazy, NY

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17 Cedar Ln, Willsboro, NY 12996

(located one mile past Willsboro Central School)


P.O. Box 805, Willsboro, NY 12996


518-572-4037 (text or call us)


I always look forward to my visits to the wellness center, whether it is for acupuncture or an educational class. The setting for the center is peaceful and beautiful. The center itself is lovely and inviting, with a calm and happy vibe.

When I first started working with Melissa, three years ago, I was struggling to figure out exactly what my health issue was. Melissa, and acupuncture, was the only thing that truly helped me at that time. Since that time I have been diagnosed with Lyme disease and a compromised immune system and Melissa has been there every step of the way with treatments, ideas and encouragement.

Everyone connected with the center has been caring and interested in my well being. For me, this is what integrated health care should look and feel like. Passionate and lovely people taking the time to assist folks on their paths to better health and wellness.
— Terry, Wadams, NY