Gratitude for Wellness

Our mission is to help people journey from reactive sick care to proactive well care.

The minute I open the door to Gratitude for Wellness I feel a sense of complete calm roll through my entire being right to my soul. I love looking at the trees through the window in the treatment room and fantasize that I could create an environment like Gratitude for Wellness in my own home. Cozy, warm and with a complete sense of peace - Gratitude for Wellness is a sanctuary.
— Michele, Plattsburgh, NY

Melissa Maki, LAc, AP, DOM, CCT, Co-owner

5 Element Acupuncture

Addressing health concerns at the root cause such as anxiety, arthritis, asthma, allergies, constipation, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder, headache, hypertension, infertility, insomnia, menopause, migraine, pain (emotional and physical), PMS, sciatica, stress and much more!

The National Institute of Health (NIH) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have issued countless glowing endorsements on the effectiveness of Chinese medicine to treat a wide variety of physical and mental conditions.

Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture

Gained recognition and acclaim in the June 2010 issue of “O, The Oprah Magazine.” This treatment includes a face, neck and abdominal protocol. A healthy choice to treat internal and external aspects of aging.



Thermography - Whole Body and Breast Imaging - Scanning for thermal abnormalities in the body using a Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera (DITI)

An affordable, non-invasive, no radiation, painless, no touch thermal imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring diseases, pain and physical injuries by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body, such as, arteriosclerosis, early warning signs in the development of cancer, arthritis, artery inflammation, DVT, breast disease, diabetes, neuropathy, back injuries, skin cancer, digestive disorders, stroke screening, headaches, herniated discs and much more!

Every woman should strongly consider having a thermal breast scan to establish a baseline for breast health and monitor their health yearly!  Thermography can scan and see abnormalities in dense breasts, breasts with implants, and fibrocystic breasts before a structure typically appears. Thermography can also find signs of inflammatory breast cancer which is not visible in a mammogram.

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Therapeutic Massage and Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Your treatment room serves as an oasis of healing and relaxation!  During your massage you get to enjoy the additional health benefits of lying on a BioMat (Nobel prize-winning scientific research, pioneered by NASA)!  This is a FDA approved medical device that delivers therapeutic Infrared Rays and Negative Ions that reduce pain and inflammation through your entire system.  It warms and heals on a cellular level while you enjoy your massage.

Our standards are high for our clients!  We provide organic flannel sheets, organic massage oil or cream, the option for a doTERRA essential oil of choice to provide additional therapeutic benefit to the treatment, all laundry is washed in doTERRA laundry detergent which utilizes the safest and purest ingredients and the massage room has in-floor radiant heat or a quiet cooling system no matter the weather or your comfort needs.


Educational Classes on Toxic Load Reduction

Methods that help reverse disease and illness when other measures fail

Our mission is to help people journey from reactive sick care to proactive well care! We believe through the exploration of toxic load reduction the body can heal itself from illness and chronic disease. 

Toxic load is a term that has been talked about by naturopaths and holistic practitioners for a long time, but the medical community is still far behind in understanding it or explaining it to patients, despite the fact that it can have grave repercussions on our health.

Toxic load refers to the accumulation of toxins and chemicals in our bodies that we ingest from a variety of sources, including the environment, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the personal care and household products we use. We have more toxins in our bodies today than any other time!

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Modern research tells us that the most protective barrier for our immune system is our skin. This research is showing that diseases like Alzheimer's, Lupus, IBS, Digestive System Ailments, Lyme, Thyroid Disease, Infertility, Allergies, and Cancer are stemming from a breakdown in our natural immune system.  How is this breakdown occurring?  One major way is by using products on our skin that contain disease-causing ingredients.  The average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body just during her morning routine!  BeautyCounter is the new wave of health-responsible skin care and is helping reduce toxic load in the body!

As seen on NBC, Good Morning America and MSNBC, Beautycounter is a leader in the clean beauty movement!  Founder, Gregg Renfrew's revolutionary, "clean beauty" company provides products that are derived from plants and use organic or natural ingredients. As an added feature the company created, The Never List™.  A list made up of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals that they never use as ingredients in their products. You can also view if any of the Never List™ ingredients are in your products. This includes any product that can be absorbed through your skin!  Shampoos, body washes, soaps, conditioners, face washes and masks, toners, oils, lotions, and cosmetics.

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dōTERRA Essential Oils and ArōmaTouch Technique

Essential oil use is a long-time tradition started centuries ago in civilizations all over the world.  In ancient times, people used essential oils and plant parts to improve their health and well-being. Because essential oils can be used to soothe occasional skin irritations, promote healthy digestion, support good oral health, create feelings of clear airways, support stress and emotions, and more, they have long been a popular choice for those who want to maintain good health naturally. 

You don’t need a degree in chemistry or extensive training to know how to use essential oils effectively. With a basic understanding of safety precautions and application methods with a fun beginner class, it is easy to incorporate the use of essential oils into your everyday life.

Gratitude for Wellness offers Beginner's Classes to encourage essential oil use that is informed and safe.  In addition, select classes focusing on topics like Creating Your Essential Oil Medicine Cabinet, Oils for Stress Management, and Cooking with Oils are available once a Beginner's Class has been attended.

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Gratitude For Wellness is heaven on earth with nothing but positive energy.
— Thomessina, Moriah, NY